Travelling in Istanbul Brings you the Happiest Moment in the World

Istanbul is the right location for travelling as it is enriched in cultures and history well. It offers much for travelers. Though it is founded during Neolithic times, Istanbul today is a modern city that has historic heritage through its Byzantine monuments and ancient bazaars. Here the attractions for tourists are Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia. Some remarkable spots in Istanbul provide a unique enjoyment to the visitors.

  1. Spice Bazaar – Spice Bazaar is Istanbul’s colourful with fun and fragrant place. It is one of the most famous shopping centres. The Bazaar flourishes spice-laden stalls and shops. It was built in the year of 1660 with exquisite architecture with 85 shops. Apart from the opportunity for buying colourful spices, you can also come to shop for souvenirs and sweets here. Even you will have an opportunity for dried fruit as well as nuts, hand-crafted jewelry, textiles.
  2. Kiz Kulesi – Kiz Kulesi occupies a small islet at the entrance of south to the Bosphorus Strait. It is an ancient watchtower that makes it a striking sight. The meaning of spot ‘Maiden’s Tower’ in Turkish. It has an observation for deck and restaurant that offer an awesome view. It is enough remarkable as a tower that has been on the isle for almost 2500 years. It is recognized as a watchtower, quarantine station, lighthouse. Kiz Kulesi has been famous for numerous films such as Hitman.
  3. Gulhane Park – Gulhane Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul. It becomes the top tourist attraction. Its garden and grounds are delighted with the park boasting some stunning scenery. The park is very popular for local people and tourists and its leafy paths take you to pretty flower beds and fountains. Even, it includes Istanbul Museum in connection with the history, science, and technology in Islam.
  4. Galata Bridge – Galata Bridge is Istanbul’s most-loved landmark with countless plays & poems, paintings, and novels. It connects the city center with the site of the imperial palace & other institutions like Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. This bridge offers delightful views over the waters with shops, cafes, and restaurants. Galata Bridge allows the visitors to see an atmospheric place in all the seasons year-round.
  5. Hippodrome – Hippodrome is a popular meeting place in Istanbul. It has a reputation for dramatic chariot races, political debates, and gladiator fights. Even the place comes with some amazing ancient monuments. Hippodrome lies at the center of the city and is decorated with statues of emperors, gods, heroes, and animals. It is highlighted with the almost 3500-year-old Obelisk of Theodosius and German Fountain.
  6. Taksim Square – Taksim Square is the heart of modern Istanbul, the large and lively Taksim Square that lies at the right of the city. It is surrounded by countless shops and restaurants, historic sites, and hotels. The square is not only famous for tourist attractions but a major transportation hub. It works as a host for public events such as parades, plays, and concerts.
  7. Fener & Balat – Fener & Balat comes full of beautiful buildings, magnificent churches, businesses, and synagogues. It lies alongside the Golden Horn that is most popular with the tourists due to its scenic beauties. It is formerly home to large Greek and Jewish populations. The spot runs with Greek Orthodox College, Bulgarian Iron Church, and Ahrida Synagogue. Here you can come to enjoy in restaurants and cafes.
  8. Galata Tower – Galata Tower comes at 67 meters in height and it offers great views of the old city and its surroundings. This stone tower is known as the Tower of Christ. It came to be built in the year 1348. Once the tower worked as an observation tower for spot fires. It upper includes a cafe, restaurant, and nightclub.
  9. Istanbul Archaeological Museum – Istanbul Archaeological Museum is one of the most valuable museums in Turkey Here you will see two other museums such as the Ancient Orient Museum and the Tiled Kiosk Museum. The three museums contain one million objects from civilizations and there are found in the year 1891. The museum comes with thousands of precious artifacts including the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great.
  10. Chore Church – The Chora Church may be less important for the visitors but its art is well worth undoubtedly. Here magnificent mosaics and frescoes flourish the life of Jesus and his mother. It is well known as the church of the Holy Savior in Chora. The Chora was a monastery in the early years. It became a mosque and even in the year 1948, it was turned into a museum.
  11. Basilica Cistern – The Basilica Cistern provides water for Istanbul residents and it was built by the Roman Emperor. The ancient Romans built this architectural wonder with their advanced technology. The underground cistern was built on the site of a basilica construction in the third century. It is known as a sunken palace. This cistern can hold up to 2.8 million cubic feet of water.
  12. Dolmabahce Palace – Dolmabahce Palace is luxurious, plush, and beautiful and it has been compared to the Palace of Versailles. It is built in the 19th century using 14 tons of gold leaf. It is home to six sultans from the time 1856 to 1924.
  13. Suleymaniye Mosque – Suleymaniye Mosque provides beauty and peacefulness to the visitors in need of inspiring them. It is located on the Third Hill of Istanbul. The mosque was built in the year 1550 under the supervision of Sultan Suleyman. The mosque is indeed magnificent by Byzantine architecture. During World War I, the mosque was damaged by the fire, and later in the year of 20th century, it again came to be restored. The mosque is marked by four minarets indicating the sultan, creator.
  14. Topkapi Palace – Topkapi Palace become one of the best attractions in Istanbul combining history and stunning scenery. The palace became a museum that flourishes an extensive collection of art, jewellery, manuscripts, and porcelain including other treasures of the Ottoman Empire. It is divided into four courtyards where you will see a lot of miracle things like sanctum, treasury, library, and many more.

Make a schedule for your journey to Istanbul and keep the days memorable.

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